NIRA Dynamics全新产品演示车来到中国

NIRA Dynamics 全新产品演示车来到中国,供您体验

New NIRA Dynamics Demo Vehicle now available in China

NIRA Dynamics 为满足中国市场需求,打造全新体验车辆。

NIRA Dynamics follows the market needs in China and has now a new demonstration vehicle.


The brand new Audi A6L features all NIRA Dynamics SW products:

TPI ─胎压监测器:


TPI ─Tire Pressure Indicator

Determines the tire inflation pressures using wheel speed signals.

LWI ─车轮松动监测器:


LWI ─Loose Wheel Indicator:

Detects if a wheel is loose by analyzing the wheel speed signals.

TGI ─轮胎抓地力监测器:


TGI ─Tire Grip Indicator:

Monitors the vehicle’s tire grip in real-time, offers performance optimization for systemlike ACC and AEB, enables Highly Automated Driving.

RSI ─道路表面信息系统:


RSI ─Road Surface Information:

Gathers road surface information without any cameras or additional sensors.

NIRA的产品解决方案(TPI, LWI, TGI 和 RSI)将车内现有的传感器与全新的高性能系统相结合,无需安装任何额外传感器。不同于其他方案,它仅需通过振动和轮速信号包含的频谱信息来确定轮胎和路面的信息和状态。这种系统具有很强的成本优势。而且其可靠性保证它足以应对不同的路面、载重和驾驶模式的变化,并且适用于各种类型的轮胎和轮毂。

NIRA offers (TPI, LWI, TGI or RSI) a software solution, combining the car’s existing sensors in a new, high-performance system. It requires no additional sensors whatsoever. Instead, it determines the state of wheels/tires and road surface, only from the vibrations and the spectrum content of the wheel speed signals. This of course makesit very cost-efficient. Moreover, the system is robust against surface changes, load variations and different driving styles. In addition, it is compatible with all types of tires and rims.


Visualization of the products is done via NIRA's own demo software platform (NDDemo) on iPads. This gives the customer the chance to experience the SW performance in a nice and clean layout and focus on what is really important.


Everybody with an iPhone or iPad can even download NDDemo and use his own device when taking a drive with the NIRA Dynamics Demo Vehicle.


The measurements will be recorded and saved on the user's iPhone and can then be re-played at any time after.





日期:2017年10月24 ─ 26日



Comeand experience the new NIRA Dynamics Demo Vehicle at the

2017 SAE-China Congress and Exhibition (SAECCE)

Shanghai Automotive Exhibition Center

No.7575 Boyuan Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

October 24 - 26, 2017

Stay tuned for more information!