Taking innovation to a new level with NIRA Automotive Innovation Labs 2.0

At NIRA, we have been preparing for the future of autonomous driving for several years. It seems almost inevitable that cars will need to drive themselves to reduce the continuously increasing amounts of accidents, and that ride sharing will be needed for pollution and congestion issues to decrease.

For these reasons, NIRA has developed several new safety features that will support the passenger cars of the future. But to continue to be competitive and to deliver innovations in this industry, NIRA has recently launched version 2.0 of its innovation effort, the; “NIRA Automotive Innovation Labs 2.0”, NAIL 2.0

“NAIL 2.0 is our community for innovations. Its building blocks are amongst others intuition, insight and exploration. It is a culture, promoting and encouraging new ideas.”

Many corporations focus on processes when trying to guide their innovation efforts, establishing neatly thought through flow charts for how to handle incoming ideas. But the difficulties lie in creating the environment where the ideas can be borne, rather than how to handle them when they occur. The latter is the easy part. It is our opinion that the central part of a company´s true innovative vigor is that of culture and collaboration. NAIL 2.0 is therefore taking the innovation efforts at NIRA to new levels by amongst others lowering the level of maturity an idea need to show to be admitted into NAIL 2.0.